Ben Frevert

BS in OE from RHIT in Terre Haute, Indiana

MS in EE from KAUST in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

FiveFocal in Boulder, Colorado

Intel in Santa Clara, California

Tesla in Palo Alto, California

Nvidia in Santa Clara, California

Waymo in Mountain View, California

opto-mechanical integration for computer-vision applications

full-stack camera prototyping and development

a whole bunch of programming to model and measure optical data

technical translator between optical, electrical, mechanical, and computational domains

reconciling logical paradoxes ( RLP )

The grass is always greener in n+1 dimensions

Creativity is the oscillation between open and constrained thought

Pants defy gravity by raising over a lifetime

We must stop the hyphenation of last names before the inevitable consumption of all matter to write a phone book

You only make what you validate, otherwise it's Schrödinger's hardware

Haskell is the lazily evaluated language that nobody asked for